Caddyshack | Top 5 Golf Movies To Watch

With golf courses remaining closed for the time being, many of us are going to be watching A LOT of movies over the spring. With us missing golf so much, why not throw in some golf movies? Today we are going to discuss some of the greatest golf movies ever made and provide you with a quick reference list when you need a movie suggestion. Now some of these movies are more serious than others, but they are all certainly all-time classics. If you select a movie from one of the five listed below, there is no way you can go wrong. So get your popcorn ready while we go over the top five golf movies to watch while stuck indoors. 


5. The Greatest Game Ever Played


This movie depicts a young, talented golfer in the early 20th century that struggles to gain respect or even a real shot given his low economic means in a sport that was reserved only for the privileged in that time. Starring Shia Labeouf (pre-meltdown), this movie provides amazing acting and cinematography.


4. Happy Gilmore 


If you’re in the mood for a comedy, you cannot go wrong with ‘Happy Gilmore’. A hockey player (who can’t skate) becomes a professional golfer in order to try and save his grandmother’s house from being foreclosed. Led by his natural long-drive ability, goofy swing, and legendary coach (“Chubbs”), Happy Gilmore tries to score low and defeat his nemesis, Shooter McGavin. This movie is sure to take you to your happy place.


3. The Short Game (Documentary)


‘The Short Game’ is a documentary film that follows eight highly talented junior golfers and their stories as they all gather to compete at the 2012 U.S. Kids Golf World Championships at the fabled Pinehurt Golf Club. This is a SXSW Film Festival award winning documentary. It will, however, make you feel bad about your own golf game once you see just how good these little kids are. 


2. Tin Cup


Kevin Costner is the master of sports movies and his character in ‘Tin Cup’ only further proves that. ‘Tin Cup’ is about an uber-talented driving range pro named Roy McAvoy (ironically close to Rory McIlroy, right?) that could never just get out of his own way to achieve golf glory. Can he turn play it safe just one time in order to win? Or will he continue going for it and risking it all? This is seriously a classic golf movie and must watch.


1. Caddyshack


What else were you expecting to be listed as number one here? ‘Caddyshack’ is the epitome of golf movies and has yet to be topped since it first hit theatres in 1980. There are too many memorable characters at Bushwood Country Club to go into detail here, but with actors like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield, you are sure to be laughing throughout this cinematic classic.


Honorable Mentions: Legend of Bagger Vance; Bobby Jones: The Stroke of Genius; Three Little Beers 




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