The Five Best American Destinations for Winter Golf


When it’s cold and snowing outside, it’s hard to imagine that there are other places that are in peak golf season. Many areas of the southern United States have beautiful weather, sunshine, and stunning green fairways throughout the winter months. If just the thought of that is getting you yearning for golf season, then maybe it’s time you start planning a golf vacation to a warm weather destination. There are many beautiful places you could go throughout the world, but we will keep this list situated to just North America for ease of travel sake. Regardless, the five destination vacations listed below are absolutely perfect for golf in the winter, so trade the snow shovel for your 7-iron and enjoy a golf getaway.


5. Southern California


Ahh yes, good ol’ Southern California was sure to make this list as it has perfect weather nearly year round. More specifically, San Diego, Orange County, and Palm Springs are the premier golf hot spots of the region. In San Diego, you can play 18 holes in the morning and then spend the rest of the afternoon lounging on the beach. 

The top course recommendations we would suggest are Torrey Pines Golf Club and Coronado Golf Club on Coronado Island.


4. Florida


Anywhere in Florida can provide you with great golf as the air is warm and the grass is green all winter long. If we had to narrow it down to specific Florida regions, however, we would recommend either Orlando or the Miami/Palm Beach areas of the state. Maybe you can convince the family to take a trip to Disneyworld in Orlando, but you will sneak out and play some outstanding golf courses as well.


3. Las Vegas, Nevada


Viva Las Vegas! Sin City is always a fun destination no matter what time of year, but winter is really a beautiful time to visit as the temperatures often hover around 18.3 Celsius (65 F). Not only are there many exquisite golf courses throughout the Las Vegas region, there is obviously non-stop entertainment. A bonus of Vegas in the winter is that the hotels are often much cheaper than in other months (i.e., pool party season). Just remember that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


2. Northern California


While the weather in Northern California can often be a little gloomy and wet during the winter season, this is the prime time to hit some of the most beautiful golf landscapes in the entire world. The Monterrey/Pebble Beach region is especially breathtaking. Although a golf trip to this region will never be considered cheap, the wintertime is the non-peak time when it comes to pricing.


1. Phoenix, Arizona


Many people think of golf in Arizona and their minds immediately recall The Waste Management Open (aka the Phoenix Open) and the infamous 16th hole. Well a golf trip to Arizona in the winter is almost just as fun as the spirit that hole provides. The weather is typically around 22 Celsius (70 F) and the golf courses are in prime conditions. Arizona also has hundreds of courses to choose from that fit all types of budgets. Do yourself a favor and take a desert vacation this winter.


Honorable Mentions: Hilton Head, South Carolina; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Dallas, Texas; & New Orleans, Louisiana.




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