Five New Year’s Resolutions For Golfers in 2020

Another year is coming to an end. In fact, this year marks the end of a decade making it even more fitting to take a moment to reflect. Take some time to remember your accomplishments, as well as hardships, over the past 10 years and how they have made you the person you are today.  This New Year’s is a great opportunity to set some new goals and resolutions for yourself and how you want this new, exciting decade to go. This also includes your golf game. 

On that note, let’s go through our five New Year’s Resolutions for golfers as we head into 2020.


Resolution #1: “I Will Spend More Time At The Practice Range”


This list would be meaningless if we didn’t start with the fundamental resolution that every golfer needs: More Practice! If you really want to improve your golf game next calendar year, it all starts on the practice range. Admittedly, practice is not nearly as fun as playing 18 holes, but it is more effective in improving your game. A good goal to set is 80-100 practice balls, three times a week. Don’t have an established practice range routine? Read this quick guide to maximize your practice range sessions.


Resolution #2: “No More Three Putts”


The quickest way to improve your scores is to be lethal with your putter. A golfer that has confidence in their putter can quickly shave 3-5 strokes off their scorecard just by minimizing those costly three putts. Again, the only way to improve your stroke and gain confidence is to practice until it becomes second nature. To help, here are a few putting practice routines that you can perform at home during the winter.


Resolution #3: “I Will Buy That New Driver That I’ve Always Wanted”


Golf clubs can be very expensive, we get it. But if you have been eyeing a specific driver for some time now, make it a resolution that you will save some extra money each month and put it towards a “new driver fund.” While doing this, always watch for sales (especially during the golf off-seasons).  Before you know it, you will have that new, beautiful driver in your hands and be hitting bombs off the #1 tee box. 


Resolution #4: “I Will Not Be My Own Harshest Critic”


Golf is a unique sport in that you don’t have anybody else to blame but yourself whenever you don’t play well. It’s easy to be discouraged in golf and get angry but try to just enjoy the game and the struggles that go along with it in 2020. Just remember, you get to spend time outdoors on some beautiful terrains and get to play one of the greatest sports ever invented. Life is good… even if you did just get an 8 on that last par 3.


Resolution #5: “I Will Play More Golf In 2020”


Although several of these resolutions revolve around the need to practice more in 2020, it also goes without saying that you should strive to play as much golf as you can this coming year. It’s easier to play more golf if you’re saving money by paying lower rates and fortunately Minutegolf is a great resource to find you the best golf course discounts available. Book local tee times now with ease and keep a little extra money in your pocket while doing it.


Happy holidays and may your New Year be filled with Birdies!




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