Golf Habits You Can Build During The Winter | golf tee time reservation

Although the upcoming golf season is hard to see right now through all the snow, sleet, freezing rain and frigid temperatures, it will be here before you know it. So now is the time to start building some new golf habits that will prove to be extremely beneficial come the spring and summer months. 

Listed below are five golf habits that you can build (indoors) during the harsh days of winter. If you can incorporate these five golf habits now, you will see a major improvement on your scorecard this coming golf season.


1. Develop a 5 to 10 Minute Stretching Routine


Flexibility is an often-overlooked part of a golfer’s game. The more flexible and limber you are, the more ease you will have in your backswing and follow through, thus allowing you to gain more club speed (if you’d like) and generate extra yards off the tee-box. 

Now is the time to build a 5-10-minute stretching routine that incorporates stretching your shoulder muscles, back muscles, upper leg muscles (no, you don’t have to “activate your glutes” like Tiger Woods) and ending with some gentle neck rolls. 

The 5-10-minute mark is perfect as it is something you can incorporate everyday and will be easy to replicate on short notice prior to taking the first tee on days you play.


2. Make 10 3-5 Foot Putts In A Row


Missing short, makeable putts is the #1 scorecard killer for amateur golfers. On the scorecard, a five-foot putt counts the same as a 300-yard drive, so it’s important to develop confidence with your putter. By making 10 3-5 foot putts in a row, you continuously see the ball going in the hole (which helps gain confidence) and it helps your concentration grow on these shorter putts as you don’t want to miss and have to start over again. This can be done at home with an inexpensive putting matt or even just a drinking glass on carpet (old school!). 


3. Practice Your Swing In a Mirror


This may sound like a strange idea but having a mirror that you can see yourself taking practice swings in is a great concept to incorporate. By watching yourself in the mirror, you can see your swing from different angles that aren’t normally available. This is especially great for players trying to develop new swing planes and/or attack angles. Spending as little as 5 minutes a day watching your swing is a great habit to start now. This can also be done by recording yourself on your cellphone.


4. Read One Golf Rule Each Day


While you’re sitting cozy indoors by the fire this winter, take the time to research one new USGA golf rule every day. While this may sound mundane, it’s critically important that you know the rules of golf, especially with the new additions to the rules regarding pace of play for amateurs. This will also keep you from becoming the Patrick Reed of your foursome.


5. Walk One Kilometre A Day


By walking a kilometre a day, you keep your body physically fit and your mind refreshed. This brisk walking routine will help you on the golf course as you will not become fatigued as easily at the end of a round. While it helps to have access to an indoor treadmill for this, even marching in place in front of the television for 10 minutes a day will make a noticeable difference. 

Start making new habits today and you will reap the benefits when the temperatures start rising in a few short months. Good luck!




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