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Dreaming of warmer weather, white sand beaches, refreshing cocktails, and world class golf courses? Well make those dreams become a reality by taking a winter vacation to one of the most beautiful regions the world has to offer - the Caribbean. Although there is an abundance of fun things to do in the Caribbean, we know you’re craving some golf right now, so we’ll focus on the top five golf courses that would make an epic winter getaway complete for any golf lover.  

Before you finish reading this, you’ll be wanting to pack your bags and hop on the next available flight to the Caribbean. Who knows, maybe you can get a tee time with Captain Jack Sparrow while you’re there.


5. Punta Espada Golf Club (Dominican Republic)


The Dominican Republic, to the surprise of many, is home to several world class golf courses, including Punta Espada Golf Club in Punta Cana. This golf course is designed by the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus and is located right on the shoreline. As of this writing, it’s still possible to play Punta Espada (for a hefty green fee), but rumor has it that this course may soon become a private facility.


4. The Tryall Club (Jamaica)


One of the most popular Caribbean destinations is Jamaica. If you’ve always desired to take a vacation to this dreamy island oasis, then make sure you add The Tryall Club to your to-do list. The Tryall Club is a beautiful, but difficult course located just outside of Montego Bay (where many of the major resorts are located). This is unquestionably the best golf course Jamaica has to offer.


3. TPC Dorado Beach – East (Puerto Rico)


Anytime you have an opportunity to play a TPC course, you know that it is going to be a high-quality experience. The East course at TPC Dorado Beach has hosted the prestigious World Cup golf tournament twice, first in 1961 and again in 1994. You can imagine that you are representing your country while playing this world class golf course.


2. The Mid Ocean Club (Bermuda)


Revered as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, the Mid Ocean Club in Bermuda ranks about as high as a course can get on many golfers’ “bucket list.” Besides the fact that the course itself is world class, the scenery that surrounds the Mid Ocean Club is truly breathtaking and is often described as “heavenly.” Just a heads-up, however, the Mid Ocean Club only allows public golfers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


1. Casa de Campo (Dominican Republic)


Did I mention that the Dominican Republic has some of the best golf courses in the entire world? Well Casa de Campo (also known as “Teeth of the Dog”) is always listed as one of the top golf destinations in the world and is the top golf course in the Caribbean. This course was designed by Pete Dye, who is arguably the greatest golf architect to ever live. Dye turned this coastal setting into an incredibly beautiful, yet difficult golf course. If you ever get to play here, we’ll be incredibly jealous.


There you have it. Those are our top five Caribbean golf courses, but please know that there are countless other amazing golf options located in the region. Grab your shorts and tee shirts and head on down to the Caribbean this winter!




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