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One of the greatest aspects about golf is that it instills meaningful life lessons and upholds honesty and integrity at the highest level. Golf is a game that teaches its players to respect your playing opponents and actually trust players to call penalties on themselves if they notice a violation. Are there any better values than hard work, patience, respect, and honesty to impart on today’s youth? It’s no surprise that many parents strive to get their kids involved with youth golf programs like The First Tee, that are designed to instill the game of golf and its inherent values to young people. Many golf courses also offer their own youth development programs, or golf day camps. But golf can be expensive to start playing and many youngsters just don’t think it’s very exciting, as opposed to other sports. So below are a few ideas on how to introduce your child, nephew/niece, etc. to the beautiful game of golf and seeing whether they enjoy it or not.


Executive/Par-3 Courses


One really helpful tip is to start your child out at an executive or par-3 only golf course. The shorter holes will make the game more fun for their novice skill-set and will allow them to gain more confidence as a young player. Many executive and Par-3 courses offer incredible youth golfer discounts that allow your child to play for less than $5- or $10-dollars a round.


Junior Golf Programs


As mentioned above, The First Tee is one organization designed strictly for the purposes of increasing youth involvement in the game of golf and that program is expanding into Canada. There are plenty of options for you to get your child introduced to the game. Golf courses all around Quebec offer day camps for children. In fact, Golf Quebec provides a list of every day camp available in the province. Day camps allow your child to develop their skills in a social setting, allowing them to learn the game while forming friendships. This added social dynamic helps them associate positive feelings with the game.


Take Them to A Golf Tournament


Because professional golf tours are aware that young players are the bloodline of their sport, they often make special accommodations to make it accessible to youth involvement. Many PGA Tour events actually provide free admission for children 12 years or younger, and also provide a heavily discounted ticket for teenagers. If you can, take your child to a professional golf tournament and watch them light up when they meet some of the sport’s biggest stars.


Play with Your Child


The best way to get your child interested in the game of golf is to take them with you to the course and spend quality time that will instill fun memories. Yes, it can be frustrating when you are trying to keep up with the pace of play and your child is struggling with learning the game but remember that we all once were beginners at some point too. Don’t hesitate to bring your child with you to the driving range and putting greens as well (note: younger kids really love the putting greens).


Get Their Friends Involved


Kids love to do activities that their friends can join them. If it’s possible, you should sign up your child and three or so friends for a group lesson (obviously ask the other parents first). Not only will the kids be more into it, you can likely get a group and youth discount. Plus, as they continue to grow older, they will have golf playing partners that they can play with for the rest of their lives, which is really something special.




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