2019 Golf Fashion Trends _ golf management software

Welcome to the 2019 golf season. The weather is nice, the grass is green, and your golf bag is all stocked up and ready to go. The only thing left to do is to find a new golf outfit that will keep you looking fresh when you step onto the first tee. You know what they always say right? If you look good, you’re going to play good. So, let’s take a quick minute and go over five of the latest golf fashion trends to help you (or that golf loving friend or family member) stay fashionable.

1. Crossover Clothing


The term “crossover clothing” essentially refers to clothing that can fulfill multiple social scenarios. Think of clothing that would be appropriate on the golf course, but would also be considered trendy enough to go straight from the course to the local nightlife without sticking out like a sore thumb. The design brand Travis Matthews has really pushed the envelope of this style of clothing in the golf world, but more global brands like Nike and Adidas are now following their lead due to the overwhelming popularity.


2. New Golf Spikes


Golf spikes used to look like bowling shoes, but that is certainly no longer the case in 2019. The golf shoe industry has been changing over the past decade to include more athletic style footwear that is not only effective, but also much more comfortable than their predecessors. The best bang for your buck would be to go with a tried and true classic shoe like Adidas, Nike, or Under Armour. Spike-less golf shoes are also a trendy option in 2019.


3. Fun Print Golf Shirts


Another trend that has crept its way into 2019 is the concept of printed shirts that feature more of a fun/interesting style. While classic single color shirts will never go out of style, you can really set yourself apart by rocking a shirt with a unique print. This is especially fun for those of you that like to show your personality a little bit through your clothing style. It can also be a fun conversation starter.


4. Plain & Simple Hats


While some of the clothing has become more and more flamboyant (i.e. see printed shirts above), the hat styles have grown more conservative recently. Although many golf stars were rocking those weird Nike printed design hats at The Masters, the golf world collectively rejected that look pretty quickly. Instead, the best bet for a new hat is a simple, single color with a basic logo across the front. Look in your local golf course clubhouse for special deals when looking to buy a new hat.


5. Do Not Wear White Pants


This is more of a fashion warning of what not to do, than what you should do, but it’s definitely advice that should be followed. The trend of wearing bright white golf pants is quickly dying out.  Instead, the golf world is shifting back to the more subtle dark hues like black, grey and navy blue. Remember, however, these are just fashion trends and tips. If you enjoy wearing white pants to golf, then you go ahead and do it all you want! Please come back next year to get the scoop on the 2020 golf fashion trends.




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