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If you are ready to take your golf game to the next level, the best way to do so is to start working with a golf instructor who can fine tune your swing and provide a significant boost of confidence in your game. While practicing on your own by playing as many golf games as possible is a great start to getting better, there is just so much more you can learn, at a quicker pace, from a professional. The trick is finding an instructor that is not only knowledgeable but is also somebody that you can feel comfortable with. But where does one even begin when looking to find a golf instructor and, more importantly, how can they determine if that instructor is the right fit for their goals? If you’re ready to start working with an instructor to really improve your golf game, follow these four tips to ensure that you make the right selection.


1. Use Your Network to Ask For Referrals


If you have a group of golf buddies, they are a perfect place to begin your search as they can provide you with referrals to their golf instructors (at least the ones that have received lessons before). The best part of this is that you can get real, in-person feedback on the pros and cons of the specific instructor that they have used. Beware, however, as people can be biased towards their golf instructors. Because of this, you should also keep any eye on the referring friends own swing/golf ability in order to determine whether or not you would want to work with their same instructor.


2. Ask Your Local Golf Course Clubhouse


If there is a golf course in your area that you enjoy, set up a time to meet with their resident course instructor so that you can pick up a vibe on his or her teaching styles. If you are a regular at a course, the instructors will get to know better and adjust their lessons accordingly. The other good perk of working with your local course is that the lessons are close to home and very convenient. 


3. Start with a Group Lesson


This tip is especially applicable to those out there that are beginner golfers as group lessons are often very affordable and are structured in a way that focuses on the fundamentals only. While it may seem strange taking a lesson with 5 or 6 other individuals, don’t fret it. Most group lessons are designed for beginners so everybody will be on roughly the same skill-level. This is a great, cheap option to finding an instructor and maybe even making some new golf friends from the group.


4. Trust Your Instincts


Lastly, I want to be clear that you should always trust your instincts when choosing a new golf instructor. If you don’t feel comfortable or disagree with their teaching philosophy, then stay true to yourself and find a new instructor. Comfort and trust are two huge aspects in working with an instructor, so always, always, always trust your gut feeling when making your evaluation.




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