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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play a round of golf with your very own caddie much like the professional tour players do? Well, I can tell you from experience that it is fantastic and is certainly something every golfer should experience at least once. While not every golf course offers a caddie program, many nice golf courses do provide caddie options for an additional price.  While that additional price may scare some golfers away, there are several advantages that make it totally worth it. So the next time you book a tee time, inquire with your golf course about possibly getting a caddie by your side. Here are just a few specific advantages that come when getting a caddie.


You’ll Shoot A Better Score


If you are playing a course that you haven’t played before, having a caddie will 100% help you shoot a lower score. Not only does the caddie have extensive knowledge of the golf course, they will also watch and track your own game and make recommendations based on what they are seeing. Yes, a good caddie will watch your warm-up on the range and customize how you should play each specific shot on each hole. They will also provide you with perfect reads on the putting green to ensure each putt is started on a perfect line. It’s incredibly helpful.


They Do All the Extra Work


A great advantage of having a caddie is that you are able to focus purely on your golf game, while the caddie will handle everything else. No need to rake the bunker or fill your divots anymore, the caddie will handle all of those tedious tasks for you. It’s surprising how much better you can play when all you have to do is focus on the next shot.


Help Finding Your Ball


If you’re like me, you can definitely hit a few (okay, quite a few) errant shots every round. A good caddie will be excellent in tracking your ball flight and seeing the ball down to the ground.  Many times, they are able to pinpoint where your ball landed and help assist you in what would normally be a lost ball situation. This advantage alone can shave several strokes off your scorecard.


They Keep a Nice Pace of Play


Caddies act as agents for the golf course and will ensure that the course maintains a nice pace of play. In doing so, they approach each tee box with a specific goal in their mind for how you should play that hole. By the end of the round, the caddie will know your tendencies and will have the correct club already picked out for you prior to each shot. This provides a little extra boost of confidence that can go a long way.


Forecaddies Are Also Available


A forecaddie is a caddie that is hired by a foursome to be the designated caddie for the entire group. This is a more budget-friendly option and is one that is still well worth the extra monetary investment.


They Make the Round More Fun


Lastly, caddies just make the golf round more enjoyable with their presence and the dialogue they provide. Many caddies are either current or former collegiate/semi-pro players that just love the game of golf and will talk golf all round long (if you’d like). They also have great stories to help keep the day feeling light. Plus, as mentioned, they help you play better too which always makes the round more enjoyable. Don’t believe me? Hire a caddie for your next round and see for yourself!



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