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One of the best aspects about golf is that you can often find yourself playing a game within a game. It’s common when you’re waiting to be called to the first tee box for someone in your foursome to ask, “so what game are we playing today?” If you’re fairly new to the game of golf you may not have any real suggestions. This list will provide a brief (very brief) rundown of five popular golf games for a foursome to play. By the end of this article, you will at least be able to provide some suggestions for your group that day. You’ll also be itching to book your next tee time, which is easy thanks to booking with Minutegolf, backed by GGGolf’s golf tee time reservation software



“Sixes” is very straightforward and is sometimes referred to as “Round Robin” or “six-six-six.”  Sixes is essentially match play game where you and your assigned partner play against the other two members of your foursome. The game gets its name because it separates the round into three, six-hole matches in which you switch partners after every six holes. This is great because by the end of the round, you have been partnered with each of the other three members of your foursome so it feels very inclusive.


Alternate Shot

This one is great if you are playing with fairly evenly matched teams within a foursome. In alternate shots (often seen in Ryder Cup), you and your partner literally alternate hitting shots (i.e., if you tee off, then your partner hits the next shot, and this goes back and forth until the hole is completed). Whichever team has the lowest strokes to complete the hole, wins a point. This game is not for the faint of heart, but it does elevate the intensity and focus of the typical golf game.


Closest to The Pin

This is a fun side-bet to include within any game. On a Par-3, make a friendly bet for closest to the pin. Each player hits their tee shot and whoever is closest to the hole, wins the bet. Note: The ball closest to the pin must be on the green in order to actually win the bet. If nobody in the group hits the green, then nobody wins. Also, add in the rule that the player closest to the pin loses their bet if they end up three-putting.


Two-Man Scramble

If you don’t care about your individual scores, the two-person scramble is always a fun game to play. Both you and your partner will tee off each hole and will then choose the better tee shot of the two to play your next shots from (i.e., you both hit from the same spot). You repeat this process of choosing the better of your team’s two shots until the hole is completed. The team with the lower score wins the hole.



The mother of all golf games. Skins is the classic game for any sized group, but there is more action in a foursome skins game. In Skins, each player plays their own ball and adds up their total strokes on each hole. If one person has a score that beats the other three players in the group, they win the skin for that game. If two players tie for the best score on a hole, then the skin carries over to the next hole (i.e., next hole is now worth two skins). Add up the total skins after the round to see who the big winner is.

Other great games to research: Wolf; Bingo, Bango, Bongo; and Nassau. 




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