Golf Mobile Apps That Golfers Should Download | Golf Tee Time Reservation Software


Golf is a timeless sport, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been affected by society’s increasing need for technology. In fact, technology in golf has helped improve the game in many ways such as increasing distance via driver/golf ball advancements, improving distance control with laser guided range finders, and even allowed for fun places like TopGolf to help “non-golfers” enjoy the sport as well. One area that has particularly benefited from the ever increasing technological advancements is the golf mobile app industry. 


In order to help you discover new ways to enjoy golf, we’ve looked into five trending golf mobile apps that every golfer should have saved in their phone. All five of these apps are free to download, so find some Wifi and see which app(s) is right for you!


Hole 19


The Hole 19 app is available to both Apple and Android users and might be the greatest GPS golf app on the market right now. Hole 19 provides you with accurate distances to the front, back, and center of the green so that you are always able to pick the correct club for the distance.  This app also provides a great scorecard to track your score and stats straight from your phone.


(Available in English and French)


Shot Tracer


We have all seen the shot tracer technology when watching PGA Tour events. You know the red line that follows the ball from contact to the ground so that us, the audience, is able to actually see the shot path. Well, the Shot Tracer app puts this technology in your hands via its smartphone application. Just take a video of your shot and let the app do the rest of the work. This is great to save videos with this and post to social media.


(Available in English & French)


V1 Golf App


The V1 golf app is arguably the best smartphone application on the market right now if you’re looking for a tool to help analyze your golf swing. This app allows you to take slow motion videos of your swing and use them to analyze your swing plane, body motions, and ball striking. With this app, you can also pay extra to have golf lessons sent directly to your phone, which is a great resource to have.


(Available in English & French)


18 Birdies


This is a great app in general for many reasons, but I’m including it on this list because of its easy golf betting settings. If you want to raise the stakes with your friend for your next round, simply open this app and pick your game and the application will help do the rest. This is a fun and easy to use app.


(Available in English & French)


But First... 


While the apps listed here are sure to elevate your golf experience, you’ll need an app that will get you on the course more often, at the best possible rate. With the Minutegolf app (iOS or Android), you can reserve tee times from your mobile device, backed by the powerful golf tee time reservation software of GGGolf. The app is easy to use, allowing you to find tee times at golf courses all over Quebec and Eastern Ontario. By searching for golf courses by region, you can find a tee time that’s convenient for you, and closest to you.




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