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Golf is a sport that requires a lot of practice if you want to consistently play well. One issue is that most of us don’t have time to spend an hour or two practicing every day. The good news is that there is a way to shave a few strokes off your score that doesn’t require going to the driving range to practice. It’s called putting practice! The best part about it is that you can practice putting anywhere. With winter right around the corner, the next few months will be crucial in ensuring you’re a better golfer for the 2020 season. 

Below are a few simple putting drills that you can do for five to ten minutes in your home, your office and virtually anywhere else!


1. Quarter Cup


It’s as simple as it sounds. Place a quarter on the ground and use that as your target. Hit putts from different distances, but try to keep it within 10 feet for this drill. The point of this drill is to increase your confidence by changing your mental space over makeable putts. If you can hit a putt and drill a quarter, then you can certainly drain a putt in a normal size golf cup from that same distance. This drill will make the cup look like an ocean in your next round.


2. Left-Right-Center Drill


To perform this drill, you will need a putter, a few balls, and a target (i.e., a cup, piece of paper, etc...). Set the target about five to seven feet away and place a few balls down on the ground.  Start by gripping your putter with just your strong hand and perform your putting stroke one handed. Continue this until you can hit the center of the target at least five times in a row with just your strong hand. Once you do this, switch to your other hand and repeat. Practicing with one hand like this improves your hand-eye coordination and the consistency of your putting stroke. 


3. Distance Control


This drill is designed to help improve your distance control from 10-footers all the way to lag putting. While this works best on a carpet, you can do this on any surface. The first step is to place a sheet of printer paper (8x11) on the ground, which will serve as your target. Then hit a few putts at the piece of paper from 10 feet and try to get each ball to stop on the paper. Then move back to 15 feet. Then to 20. Keep doing this for as far as you’d like or as far as your room allows. It may seem like a stupid drill, but it will improve your distance control dramatically.


4. Work on Your Tempo


One of the keys to golf, and especially putting, is tempo. If you have smooth and consistent tempo, you will start to see a lot more putts dropping throughout your golf rounds. To work on your tempo, simply grab your putter and start to swing it back and forth like you would a normal putt on the course. Then start to focus on the timing and be consistent with it. The smoother the better. 

You can do these drills during commercial breaks while you watch your favorite show or take a five-minute break at work and perform these drills in your office. If you can do these drills consistently, you’ll improve dramatically over the winter and stun your golf buddies next spring. Happy putting!




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