Golf Simulators: How To Play Golf When The Courses Are Closed

Let’s face it; winter is upon us. The temperatures are dropping, snow is falling and Christmas tree lots are starting to open for business. While the winter can be beautiful, it certainly does no favors to your golf game. But just because your local golf course is covered in snow, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still hit some practice balls and/or enjoy a round with your buddies. The only catch is that you will have to do it inside and via a golf simulator. Over the past decade, golf simulator technology has grown immensely. Machines now get more accurate readings of your swings and you can virtually play a full round of golf, while staying warm. 


Indoor/Virtual Golf Centers


Indoor golf via virtual reality golf simulators has grown in popularity as these simulators provide an opportunity to play golf even in the brutal months of winter. Fortunately, GGGolf recognized this and tailored their golf tee time reservation software to fit the needs of indoor venues equipped with simulators. Although nothing can truly simulate playing golf outdoors, i.e. taking in sunshine and fresh air, these virtual golf centers can come pretty close these days. The best part of these indoor facilities is that you can virtually play some of the best courses in the world like Pebble Beach or TPC Sawgrass. These courses are shown in HD on near floor to ceiling projector screens to make you feel fully immersed in the experience. What really makes these facilities a blast is that many of them have a pub/bar located on sight so you can still enjoy some brews while playing your round.


There are many terrific indoor venues across Quebec with state of the art golf simulators, including b2golf, Club de golf de l'île de Montréal, Golf Exécutif Montréal and Sherbrooke Golf Club.


At-Home Golf Simulator


While creating a golf simulator in your house can be a very expensive project if you want the top of the line experience (like you would expect at an indoor golf facility mentioned above), there are some ways to create an at home golf-simulator while on a relatively smaller budget. One of the more wallet-friendly options on the market is a product called “Rapsodo R-Motion and The Golf Club Simulator and Swing Analyzer.”  

For this, you simply need (1) an area with enough space to swing your clubs, (2) a computer/laptop to run the simulator software, (3) a hitting mat, (4) a hitting net, and (5) the Rapsodo gadget. This retails at approximately $150 on Amazon and is a quick and cheap way to get some practice in within the comfort of your own home this winter. If you want, you could deck it out even more by adding a projector and projector screen to show the images from your computer on a bigger area. Will this actually improve your game over the winter? It could, but more importantly it will provide a golfing opportunity in the winter.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the cold weather ruin your golfing fun this winter. Instead try out an indoor golf simulator facility or an at-home version and see what you think!




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