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There is nothing better than finding a great discount at a stellar golf course. Golf is an inherently expensive sport, so anytime you can save a few extra bucks when booking a tee-time you should take advantage of it. But many people don’t know where or how to find the best deals on tee times. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck as this article will break down some of the simplest tips on how to book a tee time, without breaking the bank. Booking tee times at your convenience is easier than ever, thanks to GGGolf’s golf tee time reservation software.  


If you follow some of the tips below, you will surely be able to play beautiful courses in your area on any budget.


Play During the Week


If you’re fortunate enough to be able to play golf on a weekday, you can find some killer deals on a lot of courses. Golf is a weekend sport, dominated by Saturday and Sunday tee times that leave the courses booked and/or in hot demand. But a lot of courses are looking for ways to attract people to play on weekdays by offering amazing discounted tee times. If you work during the week, don’t be afraid to take a day off so you can also score a great deal.




Sticking to the best internet/websites to browse for tee time discounts, it’s also very helpful to peruse a sight like Minutegolf is website that allows you the chance to browse at many different courses at once and find the best deals and tee times available at each one.  Many of the deals on Minutegolf’s website provide a 35-45% discount (sometimes more!), so you can save a real chunk of change. Check out Minutegolf before booking your next tee time.


Buy a Limited Membership


Ever dreamed of being a member at a prestigious country club? Well if you’re trying to golf on a budget, the country club hopes need to be put on hold for a little bit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get some of the perks of a golf membership.  Many golf courses offer local residents “limited membership” where for a certain one time or year-round price, you can get unlimited golf (or certain amount of free rounds a month) and range balls. These can be a heavy investment up-front, but usually end up being a sweet deal if you take advantage of it. 


Book a Twilight Rate


With the long Summer days comes the perfect opportunity to play golf late into the afternoon hours. This tried and true way to play golf on a budget is always a great way to save some cash, so of course it was going to make its way on the list.  By booking tee times late in the day (usually tee-off sometime after 2:00 p.m.) you will obtain the cheapest tee time deals available. The only caveat is that you may not be able to finish all 18 holes. This is where it’s useful to keep your pace of play in mind. Regardless, afternoon twilight rates are a godsend for every budget golfer.




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