Checklist for Storing Your Golf Bag as Winter Approaches | golf software


There are three words that scare both Game of Thrones fans and golfers alike: “Winter Is Coming.” Yes, given that unfortunately, we don’t live in a year-round golfing climate, those three little words can feel like a dagger to your golf game. With winter being an unavoidable part of life in Canada, it’s best to be prepared for it and that is why we have created an article to use as a pseudo checklist to go through when preparing your golf bag for winter storage. 

Just follow these simple steps to help swap your golf bag for your winter coats.


Step 1: Give Your Golf Bag a Thorough Cleaning


It was a long, warm golf season and (hopefully) you enjoyed many pleasurable golf rounds during from spring to autumn. The summer months can bring some wear and tear to your golf equipment so it’s important to give it a good cleaning/inspection before putting it into storage for the winter. Yep, take everything out of your bag (clubs, balls, etc), and give everything a quick cleaning. This is a must-do because not only will it help keep your golf clubs in good condition, it will also provide you with a sparkling clean bag and clubs when spring rolls around. This also helps prepare you for Step 2.


Step 2: Take Some Golf Bag Inventory


When you take everything out of your bag to complete the cleaning in Step 1, use this time to do a quick inventory check of everything in your bag. Do you really need those old score cards?  Should you take your rain gear out in case you would like to wear some of it during the winter? Lastly, make a list of items that you need to restock so that you can take advantage of “off-season” prices by purchasing them during the winter.


Step 3: Don’t Forget Your Golf Shoes


Your golf shoes have surely added some miles this golf season, so be sure to show them some love before storing them as well. Do a deep cleaning now so that they remain in good condition when you grab them in the spring. Also, I always change my spikes before storing them so that they are ready to go when the next golf season begins. It’s all about efficiency.


Step 4: Keep Your Putter Out


If you’re truly dedicated to the game and coming back into next golf season even stronger, I would advise keeping your putter in the house along with a few extra golf balls. The reason for this is that putting is a skill that can be practiced virtually anywhere, including within the comfort of your own home. 


Step 5: Put Everything into a Travel Bag


The final step I would recommend is putting everything into a single travel bag (the big cargo looking bags that you use to check your golf clubs onto a plane) to keep all of your golf related items in one convenient spot. Include your bag, shoes, equipment, and anything else you won’t need until next Spring. This style of storage will also keep your golf gear safe from unexpected inclement weather conditions.

You’re all set for the winter now. It may be depressing now, but just remember you will be back out in the sunshine and on the links in no time!




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