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Goodbye Jack Frost and hello Jack Nicklaus. Spring is finally here ladies and gentlemen, so it’s time to start packing up your winter jackets and pulling your golf equipment out of storage. If you’re like the majority of us, the snow and cold have prevented you from being able to hit the golf links for months now and you’re probably anxious to get back out there. Of course, after not playing all winter, your game is sure to be a little rusty. If you follow the following suggestions, however, you will be ready for the course again in no time.


Show Your Bag and Clubs Some Love


It’s probably been a while since you last touched a golf club, thus it’s likely that your bag is overdue for some sprucing up. Do a little spring cleaning by dusting off your bag and washing your clubs with a damp towel. Scrub out the grooves on the club faces with either a groove cleaner or a wooden tee. Not only will having a clean bag and clubs provide you with a little extra confidence, but in doing so, you will also have the opportunity to check your bag and see what items you will need to restock (i.e. golf balls, tees, gloves, etc.).


Go to The Practice Range


Don’t be surprised if swinging a golf club feels extremely foreign to you the first time you try it after a full winter of not playing; it’s completely normal. Golf is a game built around muscle memory, so it takes some time to re-engage those muscles and get the proper groove back in your swing. The most effective way to do this is to spend time at the practice range hitting balls until you start to feel comfortable again. Many amateur golfers skip the practice range and then wonder why they can’t break 80 or 90 out on the course. Well, practice makes perfect, so if you want to shoot lower rounds this golf season make sure you put the work in on the practice range.


Change Your Golf Spikes


Another part of the game that many people overlook is the condition of their golf spikes. Golf spikes aren’t just a fashion accessory to your golf wardrobe, they actually do provide a lot of grip and traction that allow you to complete your swing with balance. Our feet and legs give us the solid base that we need to perform a fluid golf swing so while you’re prepping for this coming golf season, take a few minutes and change your spikes (yes, the individual spikes can be changed out on just about any golf shoe). Many pro-shops also offer this service for a reasonable price as well.


Book a Tee Time!


The only way to truly get the rust off your game is to get out there and play! Tee times will be open soon, so be sure to check out MinuteGolf as spring rolls on for available tee times.