Five Tips To Make 2020 Your Best Golf Year Yet

With the PGA Tour’s warm weather, and the west-coast swing in effect right now, it probably has you itching to get back out on the course yourself. Unfortunately, mother nature isn’t as kind to most regions of North America at this time of year. So if you’re still snowed in, take a second to picture what you want this upcoming golf season to be like. Can you visualize anything specific that you want to achieve in 2020? If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, don’t worry as that is why we’re sharing the following tips with you. 


Keep reading for our five tips to make 2020 the best golf year yet. 


1. Practice Makes Perfect


The saying “practice makes perfect” is a great quote, but it doesn’t apply in a literal sense to golf because golf is a game that cannot be perfected (not even by Tiger Woods). While perfection is unachievable, spending more time working on your golf game on the practice range and putting greens is sure to help improve your skills and scores. As we all know, the better you play, the more fun the round generally is.


2. Take a Golf Trip


If you have ever dreamt of playing golf in warm, tropical weather there is no better time than 2020 to take a golf getaway. Golf trips are the best types of vacations that a golf lover can do and you owe it to yourself to finally do it. One of the best destinations for a golf trip is the Caribbean as it’s near perfect weather year round. Playing in a tropical climate surrounded by beaches on your downtime will also have you feeling more relaxed when you do hit the greens.


3. Get New Clubs


Another great way to make 2020 the best golf year yet is to ensure that it is finally the year that you buy those new golf clubs you’ve had your eye on. New clubs help inspire confidence and a feeling of satisfaction. Keep in mind that you don’t have to invest in an entire new golf set, but rather you could upgrade your driver, putter, or even purchase a new pitching wedge. It’ll give you a little boost to get yourself pumped up to hit the links again.


4. Join a Golf Club


One of the greatest aspects of golf is that it brings people together where they can talk and bond over their love of the game. You never know who you’ll meet when you get paired in a random foursome at your local golf club. Well, why not expand on that concept by joining a local golfing club or league? This will provide a fun and exciting social group to keep you accountable and focused on golf. Look at your local golf courses for weekly golf groups/clubs to join.


5. Play More Golf


This last tip is very simple. Play as much golf as you possibly can in 2020 and enjoy every minute of it. One way to play more golf is to find better deals and save more money on tee times at your local courses. Find these great deals and packages at Minutegolf and get ready for the greatest golf year of your life!




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