While the game of golf itself has remained essentially the same for many generations now, the technology used in golf has grown immensely year by year. It’s very clear that golf has fully embraced the tech movement to help improve the game and make each round more enjoyable for its players. So, what are the main golf gadget trends for 2020? 


Today, we’ll take a quick look at five of the most fun golf gadgets that every player should know about heading into the 2020 golf season.


5. GPS Golf Watches/Mobile Apps 

Remember the days when golfers used to have to find an actual physical yardage marker on the course (usually designated by a 150-yard pole in the fairway) to estimate how far away from the hole they were? 


Well it’s not shocking that nowadays there are many different options to help cure this inconvenience. 


Two of the best GPS technologies are:

  1. Smart watches that are designed specifically to provide you with the exact yardage
  2. Mobile apps that you can download to provide you with an accurate GPS reading before each shot.  


Both serve the same purpose, but the watches actually look pretty cool and can be a conversation piece on the first-tee as well.


4. SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

This SKLZ gadget swing trainer is about as archaic as it can get for a golf training tool, but don’t let that stop you from procuring one of these bad boys. With its weighted design, this gadget encourages and trains your muscles to swing smoothly and in a nice rhythm. 


If you struggle with over-swinging and/or pulling the ball off the tee, it could be as simple as correcting your tempo. This simple gadget can help do just that.


3. Smartphone Swing Analyzer

If you’re looking for a more technologically advanced form of swing help than the SKLZ trainer listed above, then look no further than your own smart phone application store. Most smartphones have numerous applications that allow you to record your swing and analyze it in slow motion to reveal your swing mechanics and swing plane. 


One of the most popular such applications out in 2020 is the Zepp Swing Analyzer. This product is great and will allow you to gather data on all parts of your game and swing. Feel like a pro with your own swing analyzer technology.


2. Robotic Pull Carts 

One of the most fun technological advancements in golf has been the exploding market for new pull carts that essentially pull themselves. This allows golfers to walk the courses hands free just like the professionals do. 


The Stewart X9 golf trolley is one that is designed to run on Bluetooth, so it will literally follow you around the course so long as you keep your phone in your pocket. Talk about a new excuse to walk instead of ride!


1. Bag Boy Solar Charger 

We will keep this final gadget pretty simple. Most of us experience long rounds while out at the local popular municipal courses. If you’re like me and enjoy listening to music on your phone while playing, then you probably have experienced a dead phone battery many times by the time you finish the round. 


The bag boy solar charger attaches to your golf bag or golf cart and takes in UV rays from the sun to provide charging power to your portable devices. It may not be the most exciting gadget, but it is definitely a must have.




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