Five Great Ways That Golf Courses Can Attract New Golfers

Golf courses are always looking for innovative ways to attract new golfers and help grow the game. While the coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges this year, it has created a unique opportunity for golf courses to market to new golfers.  Given the social distance and quarantine rules that have been in place for months now, one of the best options for people to get outdoors and get some exercise nowadays is to play golf. So how can golf courses take advantage of this new wave of interest to attract new golfers and create more business? Below are five sure-fire ways to help attract newbie golfers in 2020.


1. Social Media Management


Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today. For that reason, it’s imperative that all golf courses have their own social media profiles (Instagram, Facebook, etc.).  If a golf course is active on social media, they can quickly grow a large following. There is a large market of young golfers that are growing interested in the sport and social media is the most effective way to target promotions to that younger market.


2. Host Free Beginner Golf Lessons


Another great way to attract new golfers is to offer free lessons for beginners. Hosting a one hour free lesson once a month is very attractive to golfers who want to get a taste of the sport before making a big investment in clubs and other equipment. Each month can cover different topics like swing fundamentals, putting, chipping, etiquette, etc.. This is one of the best ways to turn prospective interest into new golfers.


3. New Golfer Memberships/Rewards


Many golf courses have membership opportunities that come with perks such as member tournaments, discounted rates, and preferred tee times. An innovative way for golf courses to attract new members is to advertise special memberships for new golfers. Not only will these memberships be enticing as a way for the new player to save money, but it will also help them feel as part of the golf community at your golf course. This option definitely creates loyalty between the new golfer and your golf course.


4. Pre-Paid Practice Range/Balls


One thing that new golfers need to do a lot of is practice. Golf can be a very difficult sport to learn, so it’s a wonderful idea for golf courses to offer pre-paid practice range cards that allow the player to save money by pre-paying and/or buying in bulk. Many golf courses actually make a higher profit on selling practice/range balls than they do on actual green fees. This is a deal that can also be offered to more seasoned golfers, as they will surely appreciate the savings opportunity as well.


5. Video Meet-ups For New Golfers


The idea of video conference meet-ups and social groups seemed so bizarre until the pandemic hit this year and all of a sudden Zoom and Google Hangouts became commonplace. Some players may not feel comfortable coming to the golf course for in-person meetings, so why not host a video meet-up for new golfers to get to know each other and learn more about golf together. After a few group meet-ups, encourage the new members to come to the course and practice together.

With these suggestions, golf courses will be attracting new golfers in no time!




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