Three Easy Ways To Get Your Child Interested In Golf

Three Easy Ways To Get Your Child Interested In Golf


Golf is an incredible sport to learn at any age, but there are some very real advantages to learning the sport as a child. Not only will your child learn the rules of the game and the fundamentals of a swing, chipping and putting, but it’ll also instill another set of values that golf preaches like honesty, patience, work-ethic, and sportsmanship. 


Moreover, the first time you golf with your kids and when you’re also a golfer, it will help create a bond between you and your child the first time you take the course together. So where do you start in getting your child interested in golf? Let’s look at three of the best, and probably the easiest, ways to get it going.


1. Local Golf Course Camps/Lessons


One of the best ways to generate interest in the sport of golf for your child is to sign them up for any youth camps or golf lessons that your local golf courses may offer. Not only do these golf camps/lessons provide the basic foundation for learning the game of golf, it allows your child to feel comfortable at your local courses and build relationships with the staff at said courses. Another perk of these golf camps/lessons are that they are often lower price than hiring a private instructor and will sometimes provide free rental clubs as part of the lesson so that you do not have to make a big initial investment before finding out whether your child likes golf or not. 


2. Keep It Fun!


A major challenge in teaching children a new sport like golf is that kids tend to get bored relatively quickly if things are too complicated or challenging. For that reason, it’s important to keep things fun as your child learns the sport.  A great way to keep things fun is to make a game within a game that makes the sport easier for your child. Instead of having them tee of from the tee boxes, shorten the hole for them by having them tee off from about 150 yards out on the fairway. It’s also be a good idea to implement games when practicing putting or hitting balls on the driving range. Whatever your ideas are just remember the key to generating interest in golf for your child is having fun!


3. Talk About (and watch) Golf With Them Often


It’s well known that children often look up to their parents as role models and want to mirror their actions. Follow this well-known learning cue and implement it with golf by bringing your child to the golf course often and talking about golf on a daily basis. Watching golf on TV, like the PGA Tour, is also a way for children to gather interest in the sport. Attending a local professional golf tournament is also a perfect way to get your child interested in learning the sport. 


If you want your child to start gathering interest in golf, be proactive about getting them involved with youth camps/lessons at your local golf courses, make sure to keep it fun, and don’t be afraid to talk about golf and invite them to watch the PGA Tour events with you on TV or in person (if possible). Whatever you choose, be sure to enjoy building this special bond with your young golf partner.




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