New To Golf? Five Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Set Of Clubs


So you think you want to try out the sport of golf? That’s great news! It’s really an amazing sport and allows you to build new skills, meet new people, and enjoy the great outdoors all at the same time, so I’m certain you will become hooked in no time. But odds are you don’t have your own set of golf clubs yet.


What does a “normal” set include? Where can you find the best deals? What are good brands? These are all questions that you will likely have when making such a purchase. Thankfully, we’re here to will help provide some insight and give you five tips to implement when buying your first set of clubs.


Here are five things you should know before splurging on your first set of golf clubs.


1. Use Rentals To Make Sure You Actually Like Golfing


Before you go down the path of spending big money on any golf equipment, it’s beneficial to go to a local course and play using some rental clubs to see if golf is really your thing or not. Don’t be dismayed if you are not a great player at first as it will likely take months/years to become even an “average” caliber player. Try a few rounds with rental clubs first to see if it’s something you actually enjoy enough to pursue further.


2. Used Golf Clubs Are Much Cheaper


A new set of golf clubs can cost anywhere between of $300-$3,000+. That’s a hefty price tag for a beginner, so it’s advised to buy a used set first. Used golf clubs are still very high quality but will come with a dramatically reduced-price tag. Plus, the lower your initial investment, the easier it will be for you to spend more money on upgrades once you become more experienced and know what you want. You can find used golf clubs on many online retail stores or at your local secondhand sports retailer.


3. Most Sets Include The Same 12 Clubs


In golf you’re allowed to keep 14 clubs in your bag during the round. Most sets include the following: Pitching Wedge; Seven Irons (9 through 3); Three Woods (3, 5, Driver); Putter. As you can count, that adds up to 12 clubs, leaving you two extra clubs to customize your standard set. Many people add another wedge (60 or 58 degree) and another hybrid. Again, you can customize your set however you’d like, but this is the standard set-up for most new golfers. 


4. Find a Putter You Really Love


Many golf sets come with a standard putter that is not really anything special. A putter is the club that you will use the most often during each round so it’s important to find a putter that really makes you feel confident and one that you really enjoy. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a putter if it’s something that you think could stick with you for the next 10+ years.


5. Keep Everything Standard Sized (for now…)


While your swing and skillset is likely going to change and improve as you continue to play the sport, it’s important to know the differences between certain aspects of golf clubs. A golf club shaft typically comes in three forms: (1) Flex; (2) Regular/standard; and (3) Stiff. As a beginner, it’s advised to stick with the regular/standard shaft for your first set until you know enough about your game to make adjustments. As your game evolves, you can make changes to what best fits your style/swing.


What are you waiting for? Go buy some clubs and enjoy!




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