Five Tips to Help You Add Distance to Your Drives


Distance off the tee has always been a big conversation in today’s golf world and now with the rise of Bryson DeChambeau and his ridiculously long drives in 2020, driving distance is the hottest topic amongst tour players and amateur golfers alike.  If you’re like most amateur golfers, the idea of hitting a 300-yard drive is purely a pipe dream, but don’t let that fact distract you from the importance of adding a few extra yards to your drives no matter how far you normally hit it.


Adding an extra five to ten yards to your drives can be the difference between clearing a water hazard and having to take a two-stroke drop. It can be the difference between having a 5-iron second shot into the green versus a 7-iron. The point is extra distance off the tee is always a good thing and that is why you should implement the following five tips to help you add some extra yards on your drives.


1. Yoga & Stretching Routines


One of the easiest, and most enjoyable, ways to add distance to your drives is by incorporating some yoga or stretching routines to your workouts.  By adding flexibility and improving your core strength, you will be able to get more rotation and generate more speed in your swing. A higher swing speed will lead to higher impact and more distance. Adding flexibility will help improve distance on all shots, not just drives!


2. Use the Correct Driver Loft


Most standard drivers are approximately 10 degrees in loft. But using the correct loft can make all the distance in finding some extra distance off the tee. If you naturally have a high trajectory on your shots, then consider using a loft around 8 degrees to get the ball on a lower trajectory which would add more rollout at the end of the drive. The loft can be critical to adding distance. I would not advise using a 5.5-degree lofted driver like Bryson DeChambeau . . . leave that to the professionals.


3. Low Compression Golf Balls


If you’re an amateur golfer that doesn’t consistently add spin to your short distance shots and chips, there is no need to use expensive high-compression golf balls like ProV1’s.  Instead, opt for a low-compression golf ball that is designed to more easily compress under slower swing speeds and thus create more distance.


4. Use a Swing Trainer Device


There are many different types of swing training devices out there, but one that stands out is the SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer.  This very simple to use device helps develop swing tempo, while also providing a low-weight core muscle workout. As mentioned above, the core muscles are pivotal in developing swing speed and distance off the tee. This doubles as a perfect warm-up/stretch routine that you can do just before the first tee.


5. Practice, Practice, Practice


The only way to improve any aspect of your golf game is to practice. Head to your local golf course to use the practice range. Don’t be afraid to get the large size as the more practice you perform, the more consistent your swing will become. Consistency is key in golf and the one thing that will consistently add distance to any shot, not just your drive, is hitting the sweet spot of the club each time. Find a routine and stick with it. Before you know it, you will be out driving your friends in no time.


As Phil Mickelson would say, “Hit Bombs!”




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