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For many golfers, stretching is the last thing on their mind when they arrive to the golf course. Golf is a leisure sport, so why would anybody need to stretch anyway, right? Well, if you want to quickly improve your game and help ensure that you can continue to play pain free later in life, it’s important to add a quick pre-round stretching routine today. Please note that all of us have unique bodies so it’s important to choose and adjust stretches to whatever feels most comfortable to you. The routine listed below is a good place to start and should take less than three minutes.


Step One: Get the Blood Flowing


Surely you have experienced the feeling of your body being “cold” or “tight” on the first tee at some point or another. This is because most golfers do not take the time to simply get their blood flowing a little bit prior to starting their round. Instead of waiting three or four holes to be “warmed up”, start your round strong by feeling awake and ready. The first step is to perform eight body-weight squats. To perform this, stand with your feet at approximately shoulder length apart and simply squat downwards until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. This will help awaken your legs and back and will start to get the blood flowing throughout your body.


Step Two: Do the Twist


After performing the 8 body-weight squats, it’s time to continue working your way up your body’s muscle groups. The back is one of the most important body areas for golfers because a golf swing requires rotation of the spine and associated muscles. In fact, it’s common for golfers to develop back soreness after a round of golf or practice session. To help warm up the back, put your arms out in front of you with your elbows bent in slightly.  Then just rotate your body from side to side for 20-30 seconds. You can even grab a golf club and hold it out in front of you to help provide added stability.


Step Three: Shake It Out


Now moving up to your arms and shoulders, perform another 20-30 seconds shaking out each arm. The best way to do this is to swing your arms/shoulders down towards your side and then up over your head, almost like you are performing a butterfly stroke in swimming. Do this forward for a few times, then reverse it and perform it the opposite direction. Lastly, let your arms just dangle to the side and shake them lightly to help loosen them up and let out any extra tension.


Step Four: Wrist Bends


Now focusing on strictly your hands and wrists, hold one arm out straight from your body. With the other arm, grab your outstretched hand and gently bend it backwards (i.e., towards you) at the wrist for seven seconds. You should feel this stretching out your forearms. After the seven seconds, slowly release your hand and move the wrist in a circular motion to again help relieve any built-up tension. Do this for each hand/wrist.


Step Five: Neck Rolls


Last but not least, loosen up your neck by performing five slow circular rolls of your head/neck clockwise and then five counter-clockwise. At this point you should be feeling less anxious and more ready to pound your opening drive down the fairway. Have a nice round!




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