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If you’re reading this, then it’s probably safe to assume that you enjoy playing golf. But do you enjoy the large price tag that generally is associated with the sport? Whether it’s expensive green fees or just having to purchase new golf balls or clubs, the costs can quickly become excessive. The cost, particularly for novice golfers trying to adopt the sport as a regular hobby, may be discouraged by the associated costs. If you’re like me, you are constantly searching for the best deals on golf equipment and tee times to your favorite courses in an effort to save more money.  That is why I have put together the following list of things you can do to successfully golf on a budget.


Take Advantage of Twilight Prices


One of the best ways to save money during golf is to play in the late afternoon under what most courses call their “twilight rounds.” The twilight rounds are heavily discounted because of the likelihood that the sun will go down before you finish the entire round, hence that you will be finishing your last few holes in “twilight.” Even if you don’t get to finish your round due to darkness, the price you save in green fees means these late afternoon tee times provide excellent value.


Ditch the Golf Cart


Many courses these days will charge you the standard green fee to play the round and then add an extra cart fee if you choose to use a cart. Well choosing to walk instead of ride can save you approximately $10-15 per round. That may not sound like a lot, but it adds up much quicker than you think. Plus, walking the course provides you the opportunity to get more exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and really see the golf course. If you’re on a budget, start by ditching the golf cart.


Play Nine Holes


Sometimes you just don’t have the time or finances to play 18-holes, but that shouldn’t prevent you from getting out there and playing.  Almost every course offers a 9-hole rate that is substantially cheaper than the rate for a full round. Moreover, there are many executive par-3 courses available that are much cheaper than some of the nicer courses in your area.  Plus the executive courses allow you to really dial in your iron shots/distance.


Book A Discounted Tee Time


As golf continues to enter the digital age, it’s no longer necessary to call around to different pro shops in order to figure out who has the best deals on green fees that day. Websites like minutegolf provide quick and easy golf reservations from a wide variety of different courses all around Quebec and eastern Ontario. This allows you to quickly scan the courses in your area and find the hottest deals on tee times and reserve them online. Find your next tee time here and start saving money today!




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