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If you’re like the majority of amateur golfers, you have probably never had a real golf lesson.  Instead you probably picked up the game and just improved your natural swing by trial and error. Maybe you got a couple of tips from a friend who has played golf for a while who tried to show you the basics of a golf swing. But if you really want to get serious about your golf skills, it’s time to schedule an actual golf lesson with an instructor at your local course. Besides improving your technique, and making you feel better about yourself when playing a round, there are several benefits to getting professional lessons you may not even be aware of. Here are five reasons why you should consider taking a few golf lessons.


You Want To Improve Your Golf Game


Let’s go ahead and knock out the first major reason that amateur golfers should seek out golf lessons: you want to get better at golf! The most tried and true way of improving your golf game is to hire a golf instructor to help improve your swing and provide you with helpful mental tips.


Group Golf Lessons Can Be Affordable


Golf lessons are obviously a luxury and not a required part of playing the game, but that doesn’t mean that they always have to be expensive. Many instructors now offer discounted deals when you agree to purchase a pack of three or more lessons. Golf clubs will also occasionally offer specials for a package of lessons.




A golf instructor will hold you accountable for your training and practice. If you are the type of golfer who usually skips the practice range and putting greens in between your golf rounds, then golf lessons will help keep you motivated to practice more. In between each golf lesson, your instructor will give you certain goals that they would like to see you work on before the next training session. These goals make it easier to be more motivated in improving your golf swing.


It Can Be A Good Social Activity


Another affordable way to receive golf lessons is to join a group lesson. In a group lesson, a golf instructor is essentially offering a steeply discounted price per person and will teach a group of five or six golfers at the same time. While this offers less one-on-one time with the instructor, it still provides very helpful information and at a faction of the cost. An added perk of group lessons is that you can meet a lot of other golfers of about your same skill-set and find new playing partners. This is especially redeeming in that you and your new golf friends can improve together.


Course Perks


If you have consistent golf lessons at the same golf course, you will inevitably start to get to know more and more of the workers at the course and develop connections through your instructor. The more you become a “regular” at a golf course, the more perks become available to you. Many golf courses work with their instructors on providing discounted golf rounds for the golf lesson students and also cheaper range ball deals. Overall, there are many perks of golf lessons for both your golf swing and your wallet.




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